About Mark Benny

From Pencils to Augmented reality.

Sometime between monkeys starting to walk on two legs and before Adobe and Google existed, Mark worked in digital marketing, graphics and printing. Passionate about design, Mark went on to study Graphic Design and Photography. After finishing, he managed his first sign business at 23. He then owned his own successful sign business a few years later.

This new thing called the internet started, and Mark got a job with one of the only search engines around, aka, the Yellow Pages. Here, Mark helped small businesses evolve by bringing their businesses online while designing their advertising. Mark became interested in startup businesses and owned two cafes, a Mortgage Choice and Curves franchise, and a very successful wedding photography business. He was employed for the last 11 years by the major international company 3M. Here he held senior positions in Marketing, Branding and Digital and proved himself by winning a prestigious marketing award in his first year and winning others in business and technical categories.

Mark has been a graphic design lecturer at Victory Institute, the training manager at MyMac, a technical support consultant to professional photographers, and helped set up the NSW Police photography database.


Mark now runs his own media agency and enjoys sharing his vast experience and skills to help small businesses succeed. Over the years, he has helped many companies to grow, including Brisbane based organic food stores. Brewing ideas for a cider company in Nepal and energising a sports car tuning business in Switzerland. 

“A truly unique thing happens when strategy,

statistics and creativity come together

- it has the power to draw customers.”


Mark is available to consult and present to your team on marketing, branding, and design topics if required. 


Contact: mark@markbenny.com.au

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