Some recent projects with our growing clients.

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    Science Week - AR

    How do get kids excited about science?
    National Science Week is Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology. Running each year in August, it features more than 1000 events around Australia. We had to come up with a solution that would engage school-aged children during this time.

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    3M Branding - AR

    How do you demonstrate "how science rocks" on a an international scale?

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    Fastlane Switzerland

    How do you turn tuning a car into exhilaration?
    Fastlane Tuning Schweiz is a Swiss affiliate branch of the Fastlane Tuning brand of performance optimisation business based out of Pforzheim, Germany.

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    Supercars Digital Ads

    How do you get noticed on a busy web page?
    Supercars website is a high traffic, and busy website and our client wanted to be noticed. The best way to do that is to pay for a Takeover of the website, is with the same or similar ads running in every location possible on the site.

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    Supercars Event Photography

    More than just cars, you need to capture the energy off track as well.
    We were engaged in covering the Bathurst 1000 and capturing the energy of the entire weekend, not just the cars but behind the scenes and celebrities that attended.

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    Underdog Leathers

    Bringing fashion, fun and safety together.
    Underdog leathers is a new startup trying to compete with more expensive brands already in the motorcycle accessories marketplace. Working with the manager and sales team Mad Monkey produced a video appealing to their high adrenaline market and gave them allot of creditably on launch.

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